Cognitive Assessment – The best way to understand your child’s learning needs

Are you worried about your Childs Learning?

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A cognitive assessment can help to identify any learning disability or learning difficulties. This assessment gives an overall picture of your child’s intellectual ability and of your child’s cognitive skills and abilities across several domains, including memory, processing speed and language.

 Cognitive Assessment

We will complete a suitable cognitive assessment. The assessment can take anything from 45 minutes up to 90 minutes.

We can provide cognitive assessments for children from the age of 5yrs +

This assessment has to take place face to face and cannot be completed remotely.

You will be provided with a report, including recommendations and a feedback session. An additional feedback session for the young person can also be provided at no additional cost.

Our Cognitive assessments can also include an assessment of emotional and mental wellbeing.

We will also assess academic levels in reading, maths and spelling.

Intellectual giftedness can also be determined through a cognitive assessment. This may support entrance to gifted programmes or opportunities, or the provision of extension activities in the classroom setting.

We have particular expertise in completing cognitive assessments with children and young people who are Deaf,  Use British Sign Language, or are non-verbal. 

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