Teen Therapist

Could you benefit from the help of a teen therapist?

So many parents struggle to determine whether therapy is appropriate for their child. Many common problems that children and teens experience can lead to this such as behavioural problems at school, difficulties in family relationships, and difficulties coping with a life event such as a death or loss. 

Children who face a variety of challenges can become much happier after learning constructive problem-solving strategies

We recognise that, just as each child is unique, so is each approach to therapy. Whether your child has been extremely withdrawn, has been bullied, or has displayed aggressive behaviour, our expert therapists can help you and your child resolve the issues you are both experiencing.

Eleos Psychology provides a variety of therapies for children and teens, and we can assist them in making sense of the difficulties they face and help them find a way forward.

As well as supporting teens and children, we also support parents who are struggling. Our goal is to help you work through whatever parenting challenges come your way, and with our guidance, you can feel more centred and calmer and have more understanding of your child’s needs. 

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